Our Services

Therapy Services

The experienced practitioners at NAPG specialize in treating anxiety and depressive disorders. When medication is not providing satisfactory relief, or when a patient prefers to learn skills for resolving their anxiety or depression without medication, NAPG can help. We specialize in providing relief from either of these problems. We encourage you to call our office to discuss our fees and to schedule your first appointment. Once your appointment is scheduled, click here to download the paperwork you need to fill out and bring with you to your first appointment.

Psychological Evaluation

This service provides a comprehensive report summarizing your mental and emotional wellbeing, traits, and enduring behaviors. You will spend one hour with Dr. Back for an intake and roughly three hours completing multiple tests. In most instances, this service is provided to those who have been court ordered to be evaluated.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

This four-hour appointment will gauge your cognitive abilities, and the findings will be summarized in a report. Typically, this appointment is for those who have suffered a head injury, are experiencing a cognitive decline, or are involved in a worker’s compensation case.

ADHD Evaluations

This is a two-hour appointment that involves an in depth cognitive assessment and a psychological/educational history.